Supporting Youth Organisations

Norfolk Carers

“We were really grateful to the 3H TeensPLUS scheme for … help to fund a summer trip to Thorpe Park for our older young carers.”

Some of the carers said:  

“I got out of the house” 
“It gave me time to myself” 
“Helped my mental health” 
“Helped me face my fears”
“Time away from caring” 

The Oaks Specialist College


A drama group of fifteen young people from The Oaks College visited a local theatre, The Trinity Theatre Tunbridge Wells, to learn about pyrotechnics and puppetry.

“They really wanted to do some work with puppets which was brilliant because it gave them another voice and means to communicate as well as allowing them to have fun on a real stage. Then a workshop on all that is pyrotechnics which was amazing and noisy and a Q & A with some of the people who work at the theatre. We finished off with lunch in their café and evaluated the day. Their feedback was amazing and would love to go back at some point to do things such as make up, costumes, backstage – these were not possible due to social distancing. This was our very first trip back after the pandemic and it meant the world to every single one! THANK YOU!”


Extra Time

To ensure SEND children and young people and their families still had access to Extratime services whilst in isolation, Extratime set up Extratime@home. 

The families found this resource extremely helpful during a very difficult time.All the sessions were supported virtually by the Extratime play workers to enable all the young people get involved and while the children enjoyed the workshops, their parent carers benefited from a short break from the demands of caring.

If you feel your organisation would benefit from support from 3H, please complete the application form.