Terms and Conditions for the Holiday Grant Programme


Terms and Conditions


  • Help from The 3H Foundation is discretionary and subject to funding. There is no entitlement to a grant and all cases are assessed on an individual basis.
  • If you are successful in being offered a grant you will be given a unique grant reference number. Please make a note of this number and quote it in all future correspondence with us.  In the meantime, please use applicant’s surname to identify your application.
  • Applications may be made by the disabled person, by a member of their family or by a referring agency.
  • If the supporting evidence is not returned by the date given your application will be cancelled.
  • Grants are not given for holidays already paid for. If a holiday has already been booked it will be assumed that funding has already been found for the holiday and therefore a grant will not be awarded.
  • There is no guarantee that your application will be successful, therefore, holidays should not be booked until you have received a grant offer in writing from us.
  • Grants must be accepted by telephone, email or letter by the date given on your offer confirmation otherwise the grant may be withdrawn.
  • Holidays must be taken in the year the grant is awarded. Please check the deadline in your offer letter.
  • Please note that The 3H Foundation does not book holidays, under any circumstances, on behalf of applicants.
  • If you are booking online, please be aware that we cannot refund any payments made by yourself. This being a deposit or full payment. We can only make payments via bank transfer.  Therefore, it is advisable to contact the holiday company by telephone to explain this before booking.
  • Please do not book your holiday via an on-line agent such as booking.com or tripadvisor.com as this causes problems as they do not accept bank transfers. If you are unsure, please contact the office to discuss.
  • It is imperative that you do not pay for any part of a holiday to be funded by us. Deposits paid in advance will not be refunded by the charity.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to remind us when payment becomes due. Payment is made direct to the holiday company by bank transfer. We cannot issue payments direct to the applicants.  For private rentals please provide evidence of ownership.  We will not issue payments to individuals without it.
  • Please note that only one grant may be awarded to an individual/family within a grant programme year. If you are awarded a grant, you will not be eligible to apply again until two years have lapsed.
  • Holidays must be taken in the United Kingdom only (this does not include the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man or Eire).
  • The 3H Foundation may require that you agree to be bound by additional terms and conditions before specific grants are made.
  • The information you have provided to The 3H Foundation must accurate and not misleading. If, not, this may lead to the grant being withdrawn.
  • By accepting a grant you agree to complete a Post Holiday Questionnaire which can be found on our website.