The 3H Foundation supported carers with  pamper and respite hampers through the Covid pandemic.  These hampers full of pampering and unique items provide a little bit of respite at home.

Sometimes the simplest thing can be give an enormous boost.

Although many day to day activites have now gone back to ‘normal’, we found many people are still in need of our hampers as their ‘normal’ prevents them from accessing support outside the home. Therefore we continue to provide respite hampers to adult carers and activity hampers to young carers.

Hamper showing a Cook voucher, Seeds, Biscuits, Candle, Wreath kit, Note Book.

“I am writing to thank you for the hamper I received from you. I was very surprised when I got it and it made me incredibly happy, so much that I cried. We have already planted the succulents that we got and made the chocolate cakes. It was a great success with my son too. It made me feel appreciated and showed that someone cared, and I really needed that, so thank you for doing this for us.”