Group Holidays for Teenagers

We are pleased to be able to offer organisations who work with teenagers with disabilities or young carers the opportunity to take a group on holiday.

This year we got together with The Cirdan Sailing Trust who provide young people with disabilities and young carers the opportunity to have an active role in a voyage. Each young person is involved in all aspects of running and sailing a large sailing boat.

Sailing holiday crew member in a The 3H Foundation t-shirt.

The voyage built resilience, enhanced social skills and increased confidence. “We learnt skills for life such as teamwork, empathy, independence, confidence, leadership . . .”

The Cirdan Sailing Trust was established in 1983, operates from ports around the country and tailors their voyages to meet the needs of the group.

“I think the greatest aspect was that they were not given any special dispensation for their needs unnecessarily and as a result they achieved far greater things than they could ever imagine.

You have facilitated barriers being ripped down and accomplishments being raised as high as the mighty sails!

Keep doing what you are doing as it truly makes a difference – Thank You!” – Jackie

“The words “best trip ever” were used several times throughout our voyage and the laughs we shared will stay with us for a lifetime. Honestly there was not a single moment that we weren’t smiling, laughing and living in the moment.

Thank you again for all the support you gave us to enable us to enjoy and be a part of such a special adventure.”

The Epic Crew of 2022!

The Oaks Specialist College

Sailing holiday with Cirdan Sailing Trust

Working with other organisations The 3H Foundation enables young people to enjoy an adventurous holiday independent of their day to day carers.

If you feel your organisation would be interested in working with The 3H Foundation, please contact us for more information.