Holiday Grant Stories

A family smiling at the camera on holiday.

“You enabled us to make some wonderful family memories which we are so very grateful for.”

A man and child playing mini golf on holiday wearing rain macs.

Essa stayed in Cornwall with his family this year.

Climbing the rocks on the beach while on holiday.

“Many thanks for helping us get away”

A boy leaning on the edge of a boat looking out to sea.

Theo and his sister had an enjoyable seaside holiday.

Family in Blackpool with help from a holiday grant.

Sapphire and her family enjoyed a holiday to Barnard Castle in 2014 and Blackpool in 2019. 

Mother and daughter on a farm holiday.

Rebekah and her family enjoyed a farm-based holiday in Wales.

 “It was a wonderful break for the whole family”

Jesse and his family had a relaxing hotel stay near Chessington. “It was a wonderful break for the whole family” – Jennifer

A holiday away from daily life enjoying new things.

“A huge thank you 3H! Thanks to you my son experienced the sand in his toes, he spent ages calmed by seeing and hearing the waves lap over his legs.  He loved ‘his caravan’!  As a mother of a special needs child daily life can be tough and relentless.  However, after a holiday we were all excited to return home and share our memories….like the naughty seagull who stole our chips which Theo found hilarious!  Theo has a passion for water, so he spent a lot of time in the pool racing down the slides.  Nothing makes a mother happier than seeing their child happy.”